Bonus for successful employee

We’re pleased to announce the LAUNCH of a new challenge – “Bonus for Successful Employee"!
The main point is simple – attract new employees and get bonus Бабло.png for each recommended candidate! 

        Three simple conditions: 

-  Any employee of the Company can participate. Those, responsible for staffing, such as HR managers or Heads of  Departments, which are searching the employee, are not allowed to take part in the Challenge. However, the Head of Department may participate, if the Department is fully staffed and he or she sends the candidates for the other Departments. 

-  The Recommended Candidate must be really ‘new’ and have no previous experience in the Company. 

-  The Recommended Candidate must get employment and successfully complete the probation period (defined for vacant position but not less than 2 months) 

The Challenge runs from the 11th of May 2015 to the 11th of July 2015. 

Hurry up to be active and involved, bring candidates and get Bonuses!!! 

If you want to participate in the Challenge and get Bonuses, please send the contact information about yourself and the candidate to