Success stories


My recipe for success is simple: focus on result, the love for your work and a little bit of luck

Sergey Kudlay, chief cook in Krylatsky Hills business park

I joined to the Metropolis unit of the company in May 2009. I had the chief cook experience and was undertaking an internship at the brand chief of the company. A year later I was transferred to opening object to Avilon (the object was a complicated one; we made delivery in three buildings, worked every day and had just one day off on January 1). But the hardest part was that guests didn’t like the shift of food operator. They wrote complaints, called the heads and me for panel discussion, and declared food boycotts. I had to improve my experience with guests within the shortest possible period of time. First and foremost my responsible attitude to the work, charisma and ability to work in a team helped me. By virtue of it I made it! I get in the groove with the team, which I totally formed, and for half a year we were correcting the situation, the guests began to come to us with pleasure and gratitude. And after a while, I regularly performed plan and tasks, as a result the company had evaluated my progress on previous units, and offered me to head the Krylatsky Hills unit after reconstruction. And in August 2012 I took it where I am still working now.