Concern Kalashnikov


Concern Kalashnikov The 1st of October, 2015 is an important day in the history of our Company. The MFC foods’ mobile unit had launched a new project in Izhevsk by opening a canteen for the employees of OJSC Concern Kalashnikov. The launch was timed to the Gunsmith’s Day and the opening of Russia's largest laboratory - multi-functional educational center for Kalashnikov’s employees. The Customer was arranged with a gala banquet, which was attended not only by the Concern staff, but the Heads of the State Corporation "Rostec" and the representatives of the Udmurt Republic Government were there. 
Military weapon, which has been produced for over 60 years under the Kalashnikov brand, is still the unsurpassed worldwide standard for simplicity and reliability. We are proud of being somehow involved in the production of world-famous products of the Concern. Our goal is to provide fast and high-quality daily meals for over 3,000 people in two spacious and light dining rooms, which were designed conjointly with our specialists, equipped in accordance with current demand and future increase in the number of guests.

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