Concern Kalashnikov


The 1st of October, 2015 is an important day in the history of our Company. The MFC foods’ mobile unit had launched a new project in Izhevsk by opening a canteen for the employees of OJSC Concern Kalashnikov

UCG caters Russian Auto Giant


One of the largest plants of the country, AVTOVAZ, enlarged our list of clients on the 17th of September, 2015. AVTOVAZ is one of the leaders of the Russian automotive industry. The head office and company manufacturing facilities are located in …

Moscow Brewing Company


The 28th of May was lighted with the opening of a new canteen at Moscow Brewing Company in Mytischi, Moscow Region. More than 700 hundred employees will have daily United Catering Group services.

Henkel Bautechnik


In March 2015 we’ve started to provide catering services for Henkel Bautechnik located in Kolomna, Moscow Region.



In January 2015 new region of the Country was developed – a new Miratorg plant’s canteen was opened in Korocha town, therefore Belgorod Region was found for the development.

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