5 facts about United Catering Group

We are the leaders in the market of corporate catering, providing services under the brands of MFC foods and Cantina City.


1998 — opening of the first canteens under the brand of Mega Foods.

2003 — launch of the first catering facility in the segment of industrial enterprises.

2004 — opening of the first canteen in the large business center under the brand of Cantina City.

2004-2011 — development of the two brands in the segment of Moscow business centers, growth of the customer portfolio in the industrial segment.

2012 — merger of the two companies and establishment of United Catering Group.

2013 — implementation of the strategy: expansion in the segment of industrial enterprises, introduction of new manufacturing technologies and advanced forms of customer service.

We are 1 500 employees, 80 catering facilities, 60 000 meals per day and an annual turnover of about 65 million U.S. dollars.

We are a team of professionals focused on the further development of the Russian corporate catering market.

We occupy a leading position in the catering market of the central part of Russia.

We have more than 200 major clients in the segment of industrial enterprises and business centers.


At all stages of production, we are guided by our core values — Safety and Quality

Due to years of experience, we were able to adapt and apply foreign quality management systems, as well as to implement our own solutions, enabling us to achieve the highest level of quality and safety of services

We trace the way of the product from the delivery to the sale

Quality control of the raw materials, semi-finished products, products, materials (Raw Material Control System — RMCS) — is performed according to requirements of the effective sanitary and epidemiological rules and internal documents of the company, based on the Recommendations of Russian State Standard of VNIIS (Russian Research Institute for Certification)
Quality control of production and technological process of preparation of dishes, products, semi-finished products — is performed on the basis of the effective sanitary and technological normative documentation.
Quality control of finished products (Sensory Test System — STS) — is performed on the basis of the methodology developed by the company with the requirements of the RF National Standard «Sensory Analysis», identical to the international standard ISO-3972-1991 «Sensory analysis-Methodology-Method of investigating sensitivity of taste».


Denis Berlev

director general

Our mission is to provide everyday consistent high quality of food in all its diversity for a modern man in order to give them energy for labor and joy of life. Amalgamation of two market leaders gives us an impetus to further development and opportunities for implementation of the most ambitious plans.

Dmitry Khudyakov

chief development officer

Every Client is unique for us; every commercial proposal is developed due to particular requirements of the Customer. The recipe for our success is our ability to listen to and to hear our client, and responsive approach as well.

Pavel Zhukov

chief representative officer

We appreciate our business partners! Basic values of our activity imply long-term, reliable, and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Yulia Nagibina

head of the inventions & operations department

We are proud that every day we contribute to the common cause and this is the part of our collective success.

Tatiana Kniazieva

Commercial Director


— We express gratitude to the staff of the canteen for responsible respect to the duties and a smooth and quick work. Thank you for a wide variety and high gustatory quality of the offered dishes.
— We would like to express our gratitude for the fruitful cooperation and quality catering of tenants and guests of the business center. We hope for further collaboration.
— We express gratitude to the management of MFC foods for the operational and skilled activities of their employees in emergency situations, as well as for the excellent quality of their everyday work, attentiveness and correct attitude.